Surgical Development Partners was founded by a group of seasoned healthcare executives who believe that physicians should be at the center of the healthcare delivery system. Whether a physician-only center or a hospital joint venture, Surgical Development Partners' thinking is long-term and our model is flexible and physician centric.

Surgical Development Partners believes that joint venturing with a local hospital typically improves surgery center performance. Revenue per case tends to be significantly higher and volumes tend to ramp up more quickly when physician groups partner with hospitals instead of competing. Surgical Development Partners has expertise in facilitating ASC joint ventures in the complex political environment of physician-hospital partnerships.

Surgical Development Partners offers turnkey facility development allowing our physician partners to focus on their professional practices. We solicit input from our partners and build consensus before moving forward at each stage.

The majority of our new partners have never built an Ambulatory Surgery Center before and are initially uncertain about many of the aspects of facility development. We will provide our physician and hospital partners with a detailed map of the entire development process creating a clear and sequential understanding. Proper communication on the front end of a project enhances teamwork and leverages the strengths of all involved partners. SDP provides and would be pleased to elaborate on the following development services:

• Project Organization
• Master Site Selection
• Planning Phase
• Market Analysis
• Demand Analysis
• Facility Planning
• Financial Planning
• Design/Pre-construction Phase Services
• Construction Phase Services
• Draft Agreements
• Syndication Services
• Equipment Selection and Procurement

SDP provides daily operational support for its centers and would be pleased to elaborate on the following management services:

• Managed Care Contracting
• Managed Care Strategy
• Human Resource Management
• Regulatory Compliance
• Governance and Quality Assurance
• Financial Management
• Information Systems Technology and Outcome Management
• Resource Management
• Facility Marketing
• Implementation of Proven Practices
• Service Quality Measures